Skin Diseases

Skin and mucous membranes are the seats of the first tissue called rasa (serum). Ayurveda understands the intimate connection between skin and blood; due to this deep connection, when there are impurities in the blood or serum, the body attempts to expel them through the skin or mucous membranes. External skin continues internally as mucous membranes lining bodily orifices and respiratory & digestive tracts. Depending upon where skin lesions present, they can suggest imbalances in specific organs, especially those organs which are derived from blood tissue (liver, spleen, kidneys, digestive tract, and lungs). According to ayurveda, influenced by planets, spirits, or certain spiritual activities like serious sinful activities can lead to skin diseases that are disfiguring in nature due to the close connection between the skin and the mind & emotions. Toxins and allergens are also commonly encountered causes of skin pathology.

Ayurveda classifies skin conditions in two groups:

  • Chronic skin diseases, like kushta & vata rakta.
  • Acute skin diseases like visarpa & sheeta pitta.

Commonly treated skin diseases are eczemas, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, allergic rashes, cellulitis, contact dermatitis, vitiligo, scabies, and alopecia.