About Founder

Chief Physician

Dr. Vijith Sasidhar

Dr Vijith Sasidhar is a renowned Ayurvedic physician and the driving force behind SreeKrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram. As the Chief Physician at the Kendra, His strong work ethic is guided by compassion towards his patients. He has inculcated these values in each and every member of his entire staff. He has immense expertise in treating patients suffering from different ailments. He keeps himself updated with regard to the latest developments in the field of ayurveda in the world. He applies the knew knowledge and insights in his day to day medical practce. According to patients, he is an approachable, confident, and intelligent doctor and possesses a broad vision of the entire concept of Ayurveda. Dr. Vijith took his training in traditional Ayurveda under the guidance of legendary Ayurveda masters the late Brahmasree: Valloor Namboothiri and the late Vaidyabooshanam: Raghavan Thirumulpad, which helped him in building a strong foundation on various ayurvedic treatments.
Apart from acting as our guiding light, Dr. Vijith is serving as the Research officer at the Department of Integrative Medicine, AIMS – Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. He is constantly involved in myriads of research initiatives, especially on Genetic Disorders and Cancer based on Ayurveda. He is currently doing his researches on the deadly disease, cancer as part of the initiatives by the Government of India’s Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) and Ministry of Ayush, GOI.

Our Inspiration

Dr. Vidhya Vijith

A visionary leader who is confident, inspiring, reliable and respected for the service she gives for thousands of people consulting her. She always stands firm to uphold our values and beliefs and make sure that every staff working with our center follows our prescribed set of core values for preserving and improving your health.
After receiving her graduation in Ayurveda, she was trained by the great ayurvedic masters of all time, the late Brahmasree: Valloor Namboothiri and the late Vaidyabooshanam: Raghavan Thirumulpad. As a great disciple of the renowned masters, she developed a strong base on the different types of ayurvedic treatments, especially Panchakarma, Ayurvedic physical therapy, Ayurvedic psychotherapy, and Spiritual therapy. Dr. Vidya’s view on Ayurveda was greatly influenced by both the teachings of her Gurus and her own expertise he gained through treating patients from different parts of the world. She strives to adopt a holistic approach to the treatment of various human diseases.
She is the one source of a strong support system for our center, who illuminates our sense of togetherness. As an incredible source of strength for patients and staffs, Dr. Vidya’s determined efforts to build a powerful ayurvedic empire receive great attention worldwide. Highly inspired by the concept of “Gurukula - Teacher and Student Family”, Dr. Vidya, together with her husband co-founded Sreekrishna Ayurveda Family which connects patients and students all over Europe, Australia, United States, and various Asian countries through Ayurveda.